Middle School Families,

Welcome to Lutz Preparatory School! I am very excited to get started and meet all of the key stakeholders.  Students, teachers, and parents all play a critical role in a school’s success.  I believe that a school’s success can be defined by its students’ achievement, and if students possess a positive attitude towards their education.  It is up to the school administrators to orchestrate all of these stakeholders to ensure success and build a positive school culture.  We will work diligently to implement rigor, relevance, and positive relationships into our middle school programs. 

There will also be a heavy focus on the most applicable 21st Century Skills such as: Thinking and Problem Solving, Self-Directional Skills, Communication Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.  These skills are just as critical, maybe even more so, than the content that we will be focusing on.  We will strive to create well-rounded, happy students that can authentically:  

  • Think and solve problems.
  • Attend to a task without direct or constant supervision.
  • Communicate their ideas through writing and public speaking.
  • Work collaboratively and compromise, as part of a team.

If we can impart these skills upon our students, while utilizing the content as our vehicle, I am confident that we will achieve success.     

Additionally, we encourage our students to participate in outside classroom activities such as sports, clubs, and service organizations. We appreciate you choosing Lutz Preparatory School and look forward to creating a rich academic program that will foster success for your children.  Thank you.    


Mr. Dan Kuhar
Middle School Assistant Principal 
Lutz Preparatory School 


17951 North US Highway 41
Lutz, FL 33549

Lutz Pre-Prep

17951 North US Highway 41
Lutz, FL 33549


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Summer Programs at Lutz Preparatory, now open for registration.  Click HERE for full details.