Elementary Grades Curriculum and Activities:



Our mission is to provide a rigorous, differentiated learning experience in order to cultivate and inspire a community of life-long learners. A primary goal of the school is to ensure that every student will learn and will master the appropriate Florida Standards and be educated at his/her skill level.  All students, no matter how advanced, will be challenged academically each and every day.

21st Century Skills Focus

At Lutz Preparatory we are proud to offer our students rigorous, relevant, and unique learning experiences.  In order to instill our mission to “inspire a community of lifelong learners,” we have adopted a 21st Century Skills Focus.  A 21st Century learning environment promotes the “skills, knowledge, and expertise students must master to succeed in work and life; it is a blend of content knowledge, specific skills, expertise, and literacies” (P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning).  In other words, our students engage in meaningful learning experiences where they both deepen their content knowledge and sharpen the skills they need to be successful in today’s ever changing world. 

As a school, we create a learning environment that encourages students to interact with the content they are learning.  While students are deepening their content knowledge, teachers continuously highlight the 21st century skills students need to understand content, complete tasks, and master skills.  Through this, students will see that the work they are engaged in has true value and relevance to their lives in and beyond school.   Along with understanding the importance and purpose behind their work, our 21st century learning environment also helps students identify their strengths and areas for growth.  This metacognition is vital to student growth and development; it allows them to continually and purposefully reflect on their progress as learners and critical thinkers.  Ultimately, the 21st Century Skills Focus will provide the Lutz Preparatory community with a common understanding of what skills our students need to become lifelong learners and who are “compassionate and strong in character.”

Academic Learning Plan

Each student will have an Academic Learning Plan.  Parents and teachers will meet as often as necessary to review the progress of the students.  If face to face meetings do not fit the schedule of a parent/guardian, electronic/phone meetings can be conducted.  The Plan will contain the current skill level of the child in core competencies and other areas, such as the 21st Century Skills, and denote specific and general goals for academic success.  As a team, parent/guardians and teachers will work together to ensure the accomplishment of the learning goals.

Florida Standards

With the new Florida Standards in place to help Florida students succeed, the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) will serve Florida students by measuring education gains and progress. Parents are encouraged to stay connected to the FSA Portal provided by the Florida Department of Education.  The portal also includes sample tests for parents to review.

Tutoring Available

In grades kindergarten - fifth,  please see your teacher's classroom newsletter for times and discuss your student's individual student's needs with your teacher.  Free tutoring is available before school by each grade level team of teachers for students who need additional assistance.



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