As a part of the Lutz Preparatory philosophy of setting and maintaining higher standards for students, parents, faculty, staff, administration and members of the board, every family is required to volunteer a certain amount of time in service to the school community.

Lutz Preparatory shall maintain the highest level of parental and community support as these positively impact learning and achievement for all children. If a parent is unable to volunteer on campus during school hours, parents should contact the office for your respective school, Lutz Pre-Prep or Lutz Preparatory School K-8, and the classroom teacher. Opportunities to do volunteer activities at home will be made available. Lutz Preparatory has a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that provides numerous volunteer activities in which parents may participate.

This volunteerism is a part of the contract commitment each family signs on a yearly basis. Every family is asked to fully support this very important component of membership in the LP community. Although parents may designate a relative or employee to fulfill the obligation, parents are strongly encouraged to personally participate.

For any questions concerning volunteer hours, please contact the main office.


For Parents of Lutz Preparatory School, K-8 Students: 

Kindergarten through eighth grade are required to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours per family per school year in service to the school community. For any questions concerning volunteer hours, please contact the main office.

Steps to become volunteer approved at Lutz Preparatory School K-8:

  1. In order to maximize student and employee safety, it is the policy of Hillsborough County School Board to screen all applicants via a criminal and sexual predator/offender background check. Before volunteering at Lutz Preparatory School K-8, you are required to complete a Hillsborough County Schools Volunteer Application for a background check. Click HERE for the online form.
  2. Once you are notified by Hillsborough County Public Schools that you are approved will be allowed to volunteer at Lutz Preparatory School K-8.

A Volunteer Training Workshop will be offered during the first few months of each school year.


For Parents of Pre-Prep Students Only:


Lutz Pre-Prep families are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per child per year. Because Lutz Pre-Prep is a private school, the volunteer background checks are different from the Hillsborough County Public School (Lutz Preparatory School K-8) volunteer background check requirements.  You will be required to complete the following volunteer forms.


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