Please contact our school nurse with any health questions or concerns at 813-428-7100.

Health Form Packets:

Please note that some forms require a physician’s signature and/or a notary.  

  1. Allergy Packet (Please use for Food and/or Insect Allergies)
  2. Asthma Packet (This is for inhaler use at school)
  3. Diabetes Packet:
  4. Medication Packet (Please use for prescription and over the counter medications)

    - Please note all Rx medications must have the prescription label attached stating the student and physician name, date, dosage, and name of the drug and be in the original container.
    - All over the counter medications must be in the original container and be accompanied by a written order from the physician.
    -  Medication must be transported to and from the clinic by parent of guardian. It is not safe to allow students to transport medications.
    - Substances that will not be given at school are: prescription narcotic analgesics, herbal, and food supplements.




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